Numismatics, derived from the Greek word nomisma ("coin"), also known as coin collecting, is a fascinating world of rich history and interesting facts. The deeper you dig into it, the more you get to know about the habits and lifestyle of the population of the ancient world. It not only is a rewarding and educational hobby, as you'll learn a lot about history, it will also be a good investment, since the value of authentic ancient coins will only increase with the years. Besides, isn't it exciting to hold a coin which once was held and used by a Roman soldier some 2000 years earlier?

The act of collecting coins is believed to have its roots as early as the time the first coins were minted. People would 'collect' their coins as a way to store them, because banks did not yet exist at that time. Not only were they being collected for their intrinsic value, also their rarity made it interesting for people to hoard coins. These coins have become family legacy, being passed from one generation to the next.